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A trip to Iran - join with your favorite spots you visited or wish to visit

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  • A trip to Iran - join with your favorite spots you visited or wish to visit

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    Mud village near Ardestan

    I’ll talk about the two cities I’ve visited in Iran


    Iran is not blessed with one of the world's loveliest capitals because of the Pollution but it attracts people in someway
    The major attraction for visitors to Tehran is the city's excellent museums, featuring everything from ancient stone carvings to Islamic paintings to jewels that have started wars. Its best non-museum sight is the haphazard bazaar, so big it's practically a separate city


    Shiraz is a relaxed, cultivated city, with wide tree-lined avenues and enough monuments, gardens and mosques to keep most visitors happy for several days. The university here is one of Iran's finest, and you'll come across lots of students eager to speak English. Highlights include the restful tomb and garden of Hafez, a celebrated poet; the Shah-Cheragh mausoleum, an important Shi'ite place of pilgrimage which attracts hordes of supplicants; the Pars Museum, which contains Zand dynasty relics; and the delightful Eram garden, where the 19th century Ghajar palace lies alongside a pretty pool
    There are plenty of hotels to suit all budgets in Shiraz, most of them clustered near Zand, the main boulevard. This is also the area to nose out a good feed, from inexpensive kebabs and burgers to more swanky sitdown affairs. Shiraz is nearly 900km (560mi) south of Tehran. It's a great place to start or finish your trip to Iran and is well serviced by international and domestic flights. The airport lies 8km (5mi) south-east of the city centre. Buses run from Shiraz to Tehran and other major towns; shared taxis run occasionally to Esfahan

    Rare painting of a benevolent Seyed Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini, known as the Ayatollah
    (highest rank of Shi'ite cleric)

    Iran's religious holidays follow the Muslim lunar calendar, so the dates according to the Western calendar vary each year. Major events include Ramazan, the month of dawn to dusk fasting; Eid-é Fetr, the one day festival of feasting that marks the end of Ramazan; Ghadir-é Khom, which commemorates the day that the Prophet Mohammed appointed Emam Ali his successor; and the birthday of Mohammed

    National holidays follow the Persian solar calendar, but still usually fall on the same day each year according to the Western calendar. The big bangers include the lustily titled Magnificent Victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran on 11 February, which is the anniversary of Khomeini's coming to power in 1979; the enthusiastically celebrated No Ruz or Iranian New Year (21 to 24 March); and the tear-jerking Heart-Rending Departure of the Great Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran on 4 June, which commemorates the death of Khomeini in 1989

    This is an image of the city where my father came to life in i hope to visit it some day ensha'allah

    The classic 15th-century Masjed-e Azim-e Gohar Shad, Mashhad

    Thanks For Your Time
    I hope You Enjoyed
    AL-Salam A'Lykm


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    thank you dear fatima
    i like the pic. of the mousque


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      india..my love

      this is aplace i visitede long time ago when i was akid

      History of the Taj Mahal

      - Located at Agra in Uttar Pradesh, the Taj Mahal is one of the most splendid masterpieces of architecture in the world. It was Emperor Shah Jehan who ordered the building of the Taj Mahal, in honor of his beloved wife, Arjumand Banu who was later known as Mumtaz Mahal, which means, the Distinguished of the Palace.
      Taj Mahal History :

      Mumtaz and Shah Jehan were married in 1612 A.D had 14 children together. The Empress Mumtaz used to accompany her husband in his military campaigns, and it was in Burhanpur in 1630, that she gave birth to her last child, after which she died. So great was the Shah Jahan's love for his wife Mumtaz, that he ordered the building of the most beautiful mausoleum on Earth for her, The Taj Mahal.

      As soon as construction work began in early 1630, sculptors, masons, craftsmen, and calligraphers were called from Persia, Ottoman Empire and Europe to work on construction of the Taj.

      The architectural complex of the Taj Mahal comprises of five main elements: the Darwaza or main gateway, the Bageecha or garden, the Masjid or mosque, the Naqqar Khana or rest house, and the Rauza or the Taj Mahal mausoleum. The actual Tomb of Mumtaz is situated inside the Taj. The unique moghal style architecture combines elements & styles of Persian, Central Asian, and Islamic architecture. Most striking are the black and white chessboard marble floor, the four tall minarets (40 m high) at the corners of the structure, and the majestic grand dome in the middle. On closer inspection, the lettering of the Holy Quran verses around the archways appear to be uniform. The lettering spacing and density has been customized to give this impression to the viewer. The impressive pietra dura artwork includes geometric elements & style, plants & flowers, which are common in Islamic architecture. The level of sophistication in artwork includes a 3 cm decorative element containing more than 50 inlaid gemstones.


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        A trip to Iran - join with your favorite spots you visited or wish to visit

        Thank You dear Banafsaj

        Sorry but the idea is talking Particularly about Iran but it's ok
        That was a nice article thanks for your efforts
        i hope to visit this glorious spot in india some day

        AL Salam AL'Ykm


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          iam sooooooooooory

          any way i wish to visit aromia lake...tabriz..and imam reza


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            Thank You Banafsaj

            Enshala we go there together

            Al Salam Al'ykm


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              [frame="2 80"]Avicenna Mausoleum in Hamadan

              A mausoleum erected to Ibn Sina in Hamadan, Iran

              Ibn Sina is often known by his Latin name of Avicenna, although most references to him today have reverted to using the correct version of ibn Sina. Ibn Sina's wrote about 450 works, of which around 240 have survived. Of the surviving works, 150 are on philosophy while 40 are devoted to medicine, the two fields in which he contributed most


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                Thank You brother Moayad

                That was interesting piece of information

                I looked around and find out that

                Hamadan is the oldest Iranian city and one of the oldest in the world

                The Iranian history mentioned that the city was called Hegmataaneh. In Greek documents, however; the city was named Ekbaataan. The valley of Hegmataaneh in the city contains a lot of the relics of Media, Achaemenid, Sassanidae and Islamic era civilizations

                All this indicates that Hamadan has a huge share in the establishment of the human civilization

                Thank You again
                AL Salam AL'ykm



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                  inshallah all of us will go and visit those intresting spots
                  today is the memorial day of ben sina


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                    Imam Khomeini's Mausoleom in Southern Tehran


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                      In northwest Iran near the Turkish border. Famed for its calligraphy and book making in the 13th century, Tabriz was well placed on trade routes and played an important role in Iran's history. The city is home to the Azeri Turks, Iran's largest minority group

                      Shaikh Safi Tomb

                      In the nearby city of Ardabil The name of Ardabil came from an Avesta’s (Theholy book of Zoroasterians Concient Iranians) word, "Artavil" which meantal a holy place. It lies the Shaikh Safi Tomb, where one of the world's most valuable carpets was discovered (it's now in London's Victoria and Albert Museum). Huge Daryacheh-ye Oroumieh (Lake Urmia), which lies west of Tabriz, is noted for its healing salt water and medicinal mud


                      The most important places to visit in Ardabil ars as follwing

                      Neior lake which is located 48 kilometres south-east to the city of Ardabil ,Shoorabil lake which is located south to the city of Ardabil ,marshlands of Ganjgah, Nooshar, Shoorgul, Molla Ahmed and peer-el-Qeer ,River sides of the river (Roodkhaneh) Baliquli Chay ,Wild life and forests of Sabalan outskirts water fall Goorgoor on Sabalan hot water springs in Sare-Ain, west to Ardabil ,mineral springs in Bila Darreh
                      Shaykh Jebrayeel tomp which is located in Kalkhouran village ,Imamzadeh Salih Tomp which is located inside the city of ardabil ,Masajid (mosques) Mirza ali kbar, Jumaa. and the church of Maryam Moqaddas(holy Mary) which are located inside the city of Ardabil
                      Old Bridges og Qara Sou, Eidi Gouz, Ibrahim Abad, Yaqobeyeh, Sayed Abad, Samian Kalkoran, neer, Almas,Shahr Chay and Guilandeh
                      Old Bathes of Och Doccan, peer Zargar, Mirza Habib, Haj Skaykh,Mulla Hadi, Safavieyeh and Haj Raheem The Old Bazaar Complex ,Old Houses of Ardabil ,old Hills of Qara Shirvan, Naranj Tappeh, Sarqeen, Aq Imam, Gour Tappehsi, Olo Tappehsi, Karkaq Tappeh and Saien Tappeh ,hold Cemetreis of Sham Asbi and Karjan ,Tower of Shater Gunbadi which is located 8 kilometres to Ardabil Stone cave of Dakhmeh Sangi which is located near Veind

                      The ruined 14th-century Ali Shah Mosque
                      (its walls are 85 ft/26 m high)

                      Plan a very full day to see Tabriz. 465 mi/750 km from Tehran



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                        المشاركة الأصلية بواسطة Moayad
                        [frame="2 60"]

                        Imam Khomeini's Mausoleom in Southern Tehran
                        The Glow of its tomb easily heals the Saul – Thank You for this inspiring view

                        AL Salam AL'ykm


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                          alirezashahgoli picture


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                          اقرأ في منتديات يا حسين


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