Phrasal sevbs/look for,put on,get up
frist/we use many verbs with other words to make aphrasal verb.e.g.look for,put no,get up

نستعمل عده افعال مع الكلمات الاخرى لجعلها كلمات ملائمه مثل
get up.put on .look for

secondne verb can go with several other words to make different phrasal verbs:go with.go off.go on*the meaning of the phrasal verb is not always clear from the tow parts
for example .go on.means*continue* you should check the meaing of phrasal verbs in adictionary*
فعل واحد يمكن الذهاب مع عده كلمات اخرى مختلفه ليكون كلمه مختلفه ملائمه مثل go on..go off.go with المعاني للفعل ليست دائما واضح من وحدتين مثل go on تعني continue ويجب ان تتاكد من الكلامات الملائمه في القاموس

three:grammatically.there are three different groups of phrasal verbs
النحو\ هنالك ثلاث مجموعات مختلفه من الافعال الاملائمه وهي
group number one:the police are looking for criminal
the police are looking for him
not:they are looking him fo>
look for has an object (the crimial.him)
note.that the object goes after the phrasal verb.some common verbs in this group are
agree with,look after<get at,ask for,look at,join in ,join in ,look for,,call for
group tow:she put on hit
she put ahit on
she put it on (not:she put on it
put on his an object (that,it) .if the put on has an object (ahat,it)if the object is apronoun me,you,her,him,it,us,them,one,som,any) then it goes in the middle of the phrasal verb; if the object
is anoun,it can go either after the verb or in the middle .some common verbs in this group are
fill in take off put on
bring back draw put away
hand in rubout look up
let out turn down/off

Group three:I usually get up at 7 oclok
get up is aphrasal verbs that does not have an object.some common verbs in
this group are
come round get away get back
go on get off get up
hold on =wait go off go out

some Practice
compelte these short dialogues with asentence that has apharal verb,in the correct tens
and the word in backets
EX:Anna:Have you taken your shooes off?
Carolthem)yes ,I have ___________ / the ansewr
(thaken off)
question number one:Tom:have you looked for your keys? this is question
Anntham) yes ,I have ________________every where/you ansewr
number tow:Jeff:can you turn the bedroom lights off,please?this is question
Harrythem)yes,I will_________________in aminute/you ansewr
number three:Oliver:have the students handed in their homework?this is question
PAMit)yes,they have all_______________________ /you ansewr
number four:Keno you agree with tom?this is question
Denhim) no .I never _________________________/you answer
number fife :Susan:when did you draw the money out of your bank account?this is question
Noelit) I_______________of my account yesterday/you answer
number six:karen:when did you let the cat out into the garden?this is question
Sallyit) I__________into the garden ,before I went to bed/you answer
خادم الحسين